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Acupuncture is very effective at treating headaches and migraines and is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence). See some of our testimonials below and give us a call for a no obligation chat about how treatment can help you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (the basis of acupuncture) has a sophisticated system of diagnosing and treating headaches and migraines according to the different patterns they exhibit. Patients coming to us with what may seem like similar symptoms, may have very different treatment plans depending on the patterns that are diagnosed.


Here at AcuTy we have lots of experience in helping our patients reduce the severity and intensity of their headaches, whether they are tension related, stress related or due to some other factor. There is often a link between stress and headaches, acupuncture looks to treat the headaches directly but will also reduce the underlying stress you are under. This will help address the root of the issue.


These are often complicated and can mean very different things to different patients; some suffer monthly migraines, some daily (!). Often people get visual disturbances (described as an aura) and sometimes dizziness, tingling/numbness and even nausea. Not everyone gets pain although this is obviously common: either one side of the head or both. In terms of triggers these can be stress, alcohol or even a virus, additionally tiredness is a very common cause we see in practice. Similar to how we treat the headaches (see above) your acupuncturist will look to identify the relevant pattern according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. You will then get a bespoke treatment plan which will address your symptoms as well as the root cause of your complaint.

Having experienced chronic migraines and fatigue for a number of years, with several unsuccessful attempts to find a solution, I visited Erik after reading reviews of his practice online. I noticed an immediate (and dramatic) reduction in the frequency of my migraines after the first visit and I also had more energy. I have now visited Erik on several occasions and he has always been attentive, professional, and patient with me. I highly recommend his practice to others with similar issues.


This was my first time trying acupuncture in an attempt to better manage headaches, and despite an initial uncertainty not knowing much about the practice, Erik made me feel at ease and comfortable from the get go. His service is professional and precise and in my case, managed to reduce the frequency and the severity of headache substantially. Acupuncture has a world of benefits and I would recommend Erik to anyone thinking about giving it a try!


Since starting acupuncture my weekly migraines have gone down to none! Would definitely recommend, Erik is a great acupuncturist, and I always feel at ease.


I have suffered with chronic migraines for years and was quite reliant on some heavy duty medication to help me. These had stopped working so well and had some severe side effects so I was keen to try something different. I decided to try acupuncture after a friend recommended AcuTy and am really glad I did. My symptoms improved dramatically over the sessions and left me able to stop taking the heavy medication (Tryptans). Despite my initial reservations about acupuncture I am amazed at its effectiveness and would highly recommend others go to see if Erik can help you too!


Being a member of The British Acupuncture Council is the highest qualification for traditional acupuncture in the UK and the largest professional body for acupuncturists. You are guaranteed the highest standards in training and safety when using a member of this organisation. For more information go to http://www.acupuncture.org.uk

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