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Help calm your anxiety and manage your stress levels at AcuTy

Acupuncture works remarkably well at helping us to better manage the stress and anxiety that occasionally creeps into our lives. Cardiff acupuncture clinic AcuTy has helped many people struggling with the stresses and strains of modern life. 

It is unfortunately very common for us to go through times where we are under a lot of stress; this can be work pressure for example, either on its own or possibly combined with personal problems to create a toxic environment for stress and/or anxiety to grow. While life admittedly does have its ups and downs it can start to seem that the bad days outweigh the good.

I use the term ‘emotional resilience’ quite a lot with clients. When we are unwell, small things (not to mention the bigger ones!) that we once took in our stride (e.g. our ability to cope with that challenging colleague, little things our family members can say or do) start to affect us more and we can hold onto negative emotional states for longer – for example being irritable, teary or sad (often a combination of them all!) . This means our ‘emotional resilience’ is impaired.

Stress and anxiety often affects our physical health as well, it can impact sleep, energy levels, give us IBS and digestive disturbances as well as headaches/migraines and shoulder tension! Most people will have at least one physical impact of stress, some people will have a few.

This is where acupuncture comes in. Treatment directly impacts our ‘emotional resilience’, whereby those things that have been getting to us suddenly seem easier. We start to take things in our stride again and those negative emotional states we were stuck in go away. Acupuncture also targets the physical symptoms directly to help to reduce those as well.

Of the patients who come to us I can confidently say all benefit from the stress busting effects of acupuncture (as I did once upon a time!). Please call for a no obligation conversation about how the Cardiff stress management clinic, AcuTy, can help you.

If you have a more acute stress condition like panic attacks, we also have a lot of experience in dealing with this. Again success rates of acupuncture in treating this are excellent. Your symptoms here are likely to include the above but include tight chest/chest pain, palpitations and more extreme emotional swings.

The training both I (Erik) and Lucy of AcuTy have undertaken gives us comprehensive tools to deal effectively with acute emotional complaints. Treatment is completely tailored to your individual needs, whatever they may be.

I have been living with social phobia and anxiety all of my life.  I decided that I would work with alternative therapies and interventions alongside my prescribed medicinal use.  Erik has been an absolute gift.  He takes his time with clients and really explores, with care and without judgement, the issues that you bring to the session.  He is attentive and has a fantastic manner which makes you feel relaxed as soon as you step through the door.  I’ve been battling with social anxiety and the work that I’ve completed with Erik has made a huge difference.  I fully recommend his service.  Thanks Erik for everything.


Hi my name is Haley and I started acupuncture with Erik about 6 months ago for extreme anxiety and depression. My initial consultation was fantastic as Erik is a calming positive person who made me feel at ease when speaking about my issues to come up with the best plan for me. Every time I have my acupuncture session I feel so relaxed and my anxiety has decreased drastically since having the sessions. I don’t struggle as much getting out of bed or to leave the house anymore and my mind feels much healthier and my body feels much more in balance which makes me feel a happier person! I will continue to have acupuncture and I highly recommend Erik if you are thinking of having it.


I went to AcuTy for stress and anxiety relief. I have struggled with anxiety for many years and have found very little that helps – my appointments with Erik have been nothing short of a lifeline. I had never tried acupuncture before but Erik immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. I would certainly recommend him to anybody considering acupuncture, particularly those considering it for anxiety relief.

Ms Amy M

Erik is a really likeable, genuine person who always takes the time to listen to my thoughts and feelings regarding my well being. He has never been fazed when tackling my numerous health issues, which include IBS and anxiety, among others. Asking about my conditions with tact and sensitivity, Erik responds with a calm and caring approach.

He works in a thoughtful manner and adjusts his treatments in response to my observations and views about my own health. On a practical level, both the times of his sessions and the location of his practice are very convenient for me.

During the time I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Erik I have noticed a real improvement in a number of my health issues and, most importantly, my general quality of life.

Mrs CN

Being a member of The British Acupuncture Council is the highest qualification for traditional acupuncture in the UK and the largest professional body for acupuncturists. You are guaranteed the highest standards in training and safety when using a member of this organisation. For more information go to http://www.acupuncture.org.uk

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