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Fertility Acupuncture Clinic in Cardiff

Fertility and Related

Acu-Ty is a Cardiff fertility acupuncture clinic providing treatment to people seeking a natural boost to their ability to conceive or those undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). Broadly speaking acupuncture helps women in two ways, the first is helping you stay stress free while you seek to conceive and the second is to regulate your menstrual cycle and help prepare the body for conception. Erik has had a special interest in fertility treatment since working in a specialised fertility clinic a number of years ago.

Acupuncture can also help men with low sperm count, mobility and motility. Please see specialist fertility website NHFC@AcuTy for more information.

Treatment can also help after conception. As you can appreciate most women who turn to acupuncture to boost their fertility have had a challenging time in the past getting pregnant. Therefore there can be a lot of concern about miscarriage. While acupuncture cannot make an unviable pregnancy into a viable one, it can however help to manage the risk by making you as strong as possible. In addition treatment will focus any side effects you may be experiencing like headaches, sleep problems, morning sickness or whatever other first trimester symptoms you’re having. As you move closer to child birth treament can help your body prepare for labour and can also help to induce labour if necessary.

Please call or email Erik for a no obligation chat about how acupuncture treatment at AcuTy (clinic located in Roath, Cardiff) can help boost your fertility either naturally or in conjunction with Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) such as IVF.

Acupuncture can also help to relieve other gynaecological complaints like period pain, endometriosis and symptoms associated with menopause.

We also work with Aileen of Connected Counselling Cardiff (her website is here) who helps people discuss their issues regarding fertility. Talking can help to create the space to deal with these issues and move on with positivity.

Fertility/Gynaecological Conditions

listed by the World Health Organisation where acupuncture has been shown to be of benefit

Induction of labour
Malposition of foetus (Breech)
Morning sickness
Female infertility
Labour pain
Lactation, deficiency
Male sexual dysfunction
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)