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For months I had been struggling with a number of life’s stresses and upon recommendation I decided to try acupuncture. Since starting treatment life is beginning to make more sense again and I am not feeling so lost anymore. Whilst my treatment is still on-going, after each session I feel calmer within, my moods feel improved and I leave with positive feelings about the future.

As a Practitioner Erik is someone who makes you feel very relaxed during treatment and has helped me put a lot of things into perspective. I would definitely recommend acupuncture as an alternative medicine.


Erik is a really likeable, genuine person who always takes the time to listen to my thoughts and feelings regarding my well being. He has never been fazed when tackling my numerous health issues, which include IBS and anxiety, among others. Asking about my conditions with tact and sensitivity, Erik responds with a calm and caring approach.

He works in a thoughtful manner and adjusts his treatments in response to my observations and views about my own health. On a practical level, both the times of his sessions and the location of his practice are very convenient for me.

During the time I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Erik I have noticed a real improvement in a number of my health issues and, most importantly, my general quality of life.


I badly broke my wrist in December which left me with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome something that I had never heard of. Although my GP was wonderful she didn’t know much about the syndrome and prescribed me with several strong pain killers to relieve the pain. Unfortunately these did not help me with my IBS condition which I have had for several years.

After feeling quite low through having the chronic pain a close relative suggested that I try acupuncture. I was very dubious to begin with but after searching the internet I decided to give it a try. I chose to try a session with Eric as he also has a BSc (Hons) Applied Biology, which helped put my mind at ease. I was very apprehensive on my first visit, thankfully Eric made me feel at ease immediately, this helped me talk more openly about other underlying health issues.

Since receiving acupuncture my wrist is almost back to normal and I am not relying on medication to sleep or for pain relief! I feel that my body and mind as a whole has certainly benefitted from the treatment and would definitely recommend it!!


Erik is very thorough and attentive in his practice. His ability to listen and his caring approach allowed me to paint a full picture of my current symptoms, as well as my past and present lifestyle.

After having seen numerous doctors with no hint of a diagnosis, I turned to Erik, and am pleased to say the improvement in my condition is astounding. Highly recommended. Thank you Erik.


Fertility/IVF Related

In August 2014, I was 30 years old and had recently been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (early menopause). I was having hot flushes, mood swings and my periods had stopped 4 months earlier. I had an FSH level of 58 and I was told I would never have children. I contacted Erik after Google told me acupuncture could help.

When I first met Erik, he spent a good 45 mins or so listening to my symptoms and he put together a treatment plan which he said would help reduce my symptoms and hopefully get my cycle back on track. I was dubious to say the least! However, within weeks, I began to notice a different. My mood became more settled and my hot flushes were less frequent. Within about a month, they’d disappeared entirely and so I had another blood test and found that my FSH had dropped. Between Sept ’14 – Jan ’15, I had several further blood tests. Each time, my FSH dropped again. It is now down to 15. In November 2014, my period appeared out of the blue.

I have since had two others, it certainly appears that my cycle is getting back on track. I was told that this would NEVER happen. Throughout my treatment, Erik has been consistently sensitive to my needs and positive in his approach. I would urge anyone with similar issues to give him a shot.


My IVF clinic recommended having acupuncture alongside my IVF cycle. This was my third cycle with the previous two being unsuccessful. The whole thing was really stressing me out and I didn’t feel like I was coping too well.

After seeing Erik I immediately started to feel better in myself and felt like I really benefited from the acupuncture. I did conceive after this IVF attempt and I do feel like acupuncture helped me as I found the whole process a LOT easier.

I would recommend other people in a similar position try it!